Who is P.A.P.A. Bridge?

P.A.P.A. Bridge (Pater Aidan Partnership for Africa) is since January, 2009 the incorporated society in Austria between father Aidan Msafiri and Walter Koch  which aims to build a bridge between two countries – Austria and Tanzania. P.A.P.A. Bridge concentrates its projects upon youngsters in Tanzania to improve the structures and the life of the people taking care of their education with lasting effect.


What inspires and moves P.A.P.A. Bridge?

P.A.P.A. Bridge focuses on the Empowerment of the youth of Tanzania! We understand that the Empowerment of girls and boys leads to the possibility of responsible self action. The youth of Tanzania should get the qualification for the future through better education. The education contributes to the ability and support of the autonomy in their lives.

Empowerment for P.A.P.A. Bridge means to give to the youngsters the chance to lead a self-determined life on the basis of their own work. Only then they can be effective socially and economically. Perspectives and Initiative spirit originate from it. Therefore, P.A.P.A. Bridge invests in the education and in clever heads. The people can then discover their own talents and abilities by the compulsory education in Tanzania and build up know-how.

Which projects does look P.A.P.A. Bridge after?

P.A.P.A. Bridge looks constantly after some smaller projects for example the building of a new kitchen for an elementary school or the support of young women with the construction of a kiosk.

As a main project P.A.P.A. Bridge is taking care of the construction of a vocational school in the home village of father Aidan Msafiri, in Kilema near Mount Kilimanjaro.

This vocational school places two education main focuses for youngsters between 14 and 16 years.

For the girls primarily studies it is given to subjects of agricultural, hygiene and household know-how, which is the first central measure for the support of the population in rural regions.

For the boys we offer different apprenticeship training in carpentry, bricklaying and electrical studies. Opportunities to learn these trades are, in developing countries likeTanzania, rare and in short supply. When the opportunity is available for such learning, access to such studies is only open to selected privileged youngsters. We provide training that corresponds to the actual job market requirements and give priority access to under privileged and destitute youngsters.

In addition, basic enterprise and business base knowledge is given to girls and boys for the purposes of self empowerment. This allows them to make themselves independent at the successful completion of the apprenticeship program to follow with their own enterprises.

Through the P.A.P.A. Bridge project “vocational school – Vocational training Centre Kilema Parish” people become the creators of their own development for a life with perspective and dignity.