School Sponsorship Programs


You have the opportunity to sponsor adolescents and young adults in need to get vocational training at our school.


There are 2 types of sponsorship:

1) Direct Sponsorship
Who you support: Through direct sponsorship, you support one specific adolescent / young adult by coming up with the whole training costs.

Dues: € 35,- per month

Duration of sponsorship: 2 or 3 years, depending on which course the student chooses.



2) Pool sponsorship
Who you support: Through pool sponsorship, you support a group (a “pool”) of adolescents / young adults who can partly finance the training costs, i.e. not to the full.

Dues: € 25,- per month

Duration of sponsorship: Basically as long as you wish.



For more impressions, watch our video:

Note: Due to the inflation, the dues for direct sponsorship was raised to € 35,- per month.

To participate in the sponsorship programs, please contact Claudia Schanes, contact person of the school sponsorship programs, via: