Change of the donation-account!

Dear donators! Our bank has changed our donation account. Therefore please adjust your money transfer data accordingly. New Bank account for donations: P.A.P.A. – Bridge / Trag-Schwanberg Raiffeisenbank Süd-Weststeiermark BLZ: 38056 Konto Nr.: 5.046.685 IBAN: AT27 38056 000 0504 6685 BIC: RZSTAT2G056 Thank you for your understanding! Best regards, The board of P.A.P.A-Bridge

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Statusreport by the turn of the year

Dear friends of P.A.P.A.-Bridge, At the turn of this year we would like to send you a short status report of our activities. Upfront, Father Aidan sends you the following lines: —————— Dear benefactors! Dear friends of Kilema! Greetings to you all. The year is ending and we are celebrating Christmas. It is not obvious that…

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Dear friends of the P.A.P.A.-Bridge, It is reality now! After announcing the sponsorship-program for a long time, the preparation is done and we may startup with it right away. We have been contacted quite often based on that idea so that we expect to find many sponsors for that program. Together with the youth and…

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Meet Father Aidan in Austria and some further news.

Dear friends of P.A.P.A.-Bridge. Also this year, we offer the opportunity to meet Father Aidan in Austria. During August he will be in Austria and would love to meet all the friends of our organization. Therefore, he will celebrate the holy-mass with us on Sunday, August 19th in Deutschlandsberg at 7:00pm. Afterwards we would love…

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